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What's Been Happening and What's Coming

News and Events

Recent Highlights

Speaking Engagements 

Sydney Build (May 2024): Jo Caughtry delivered an engaging talk on biophilic design as part of an industry panel of experts, exploring how integrating nature into architectural practices can enhance wellbeing and sustainability in urban environments. 

The Design Show (June 2024): At this premier event, Jo shared insights on innovative insights into how to introduce biophilic design into your space for health and wellbeing.


Upcoming Events

Future of Ageing Conference (August 2024)
Jo will be speaking at this pivotal event, focusing on biophilic design principles tailored for seniors living environments. Her presentation will highlight how these principles can improve the quality of life and wellbeing for older adults.

Podcasts and Events – Coming Soon! 
Stay tuned for a series of podcasts featuring Jo Caughtry, where she will delve deeper into the latest trends and research in biophilic design and lighting. Additionally, we are planning a range of events designed to inspire and educate on the transformative power of nature in design.

Keep an eye on this space for updates on dates and details. We look forward to connecting with you at these events and sharing more about our vision for a more harmonious and nature-connected future.

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