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Welcome to the Testimonials page at Sea of Ideas Design Studio. Here, you can read firsthand accounts from our satisfied clients who have experienced the transformative power of Biophilic Design in their environments. Our clients share their stories of how our expert consultation, training, and design solutions have enhanced their spaces, promoting health, wellbeing, and productivity. Discover the impact of our work through their words and learn why Sea of Ideas Design Studio is trusted by so many to bring nature into their built environments.


Kelly Sarandis Modinex Group

“What a journey Jo, very inspiring. I couldn't have asked for a better professional to assist in learning about Biophilia in the workplace. Thank you for your amazing presentation, and I talk with my client's constantly about my learnings from you!”


Natalie - NSW

“I highly recommend Jo to anyone wishing to design either a beautiful space to live in or wanting to sell. She truly understands the needs of the client and knows and is passionate about beautiful natural design.”


Jane - NSW

"My home looked amazing after Jo had completed her work – and importantly, had such a sense of peace and refreshment. I had been thinking of selling and placed my apartment on the market – it sold off-market within 4 days."

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